About Us

Nourished Butterfly - Owner 

Five years ago, I  received a life-changing diagnosis. LUPUS! The autoimmune disease the cause your immune system to become hyperactive and as a result attacks your body's normal healthy tissue. Like most of you, I headed straight to Google to research the autoimmune disease to learn as much as I could about the disease itself, medical treatments, as well as, all-natural alternatives to treat the disease attacking my body.  During my search, I stumbled upon Irish Sea Moss.  The small sea algae are grown on the rocky coastal shores of the Atlantic Ocean in North America and Europe.  When combined with water, the tiny odorless, tasteless power packed protein forms a gel-like consistency that can be added to your favorite morning smoothie, salad dressing, or soup, just to name a few things.

Since incorporating Irish Sea Moss Gel into my nutritional diet daily, I have seen a tremendous difference in my medical prognosis, and it has aided in my weight loss.  While Lupus is here to stay as there is no cure, I am managing the autoimmune disease with a daily dose of Irish Sea Moss Gel. It is not controlling me. I am no longer consuming large amounts of lupus medication, and the disease is barely traceable in my blood work. And then, there is the story of my weight loss, increased energy, and quicker muscle recovery after a strenuous workout due to a reduction in inflammation.

After receiving favorable results from my medical team and in my hips, I thought it was time to share my secret with my family and friends. And now, I want to share my secret with you."Nourished Butterfly" a new way to build a better you!

"B'Calm. B’Strong. B'Healthy."

-Donna T.